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3rd October, 2022
Complex tale of capital burn, artificial demand, and growth-focused investments: ‘The good and not-so-good burns’

A start-up raising capital is inspiring for both the start-up ecosystem and for start-up-focused news platforms; increasingly so in a not-so-buoyant environment. It is a source of optimism for founders who have put their ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ into their vision.

30th September 2022
Is the market real or is it just a perception of the market

Excess capital and the resultant capital burn can create the illusion of a market/demand, which is actually non-existent, particularly in product/services categories that are discretionary in nature.

20th August, 2015
The long-term outlook remains bullish, with the country on track to become the 'world's top start-up nation', experts say

India's start-up sector is experiencing a slowdown in investment activity after a record-breaking year in 2021, due to global geopolitical factors and poor stock market debuts by loss-making internet companies, according to experts.